Benefits Consulting

We asked Rick Fryda, CEO & President of Compco Industries how working with  DCW was a game changer for his mid-sized manufacturing company.

Spoiler Alert: He saved a TON of money.

Anyone can quote your insurance.

If you're looking for the prettiest spreadsheet and obsessed with acquisition cost we are not the firm for you. If you're tired of failed insurance strategies like raising deductibles, changing carriers, or adding a second plan and ready to manage the Healthcare Supply Chain to your advantage, let's talk!

Plan Evaluation

Insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive. We start by evaluating the four verticals of the Healthcare Supply Chain that drive 80% of your plan cost.

Strategic Planning

We take the information from your evaluation and make new recommendations that are specific to your organizational risk factors.


Most firms implement programs at the brochure level. We roll up our sleeves to make sure everyone from finance to the factory floor understands the goals and objectives.

Performance Review

Hope is not a strategy. We don't wait until the renewal to review our Key Performance Indicators. Stop reacting and start managing the Healthcare Supply Chain.